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Different Servo For Ez-B

I was looking at some Lynxmotion robot accesories, and I was wondering if the Hitec HS-422 or HS-311 servo is compatable with EZ-B/EZ-Builder. If it is, is it the same servo as the standard servo on this website beause I would like to use both types servos for two Lynxmotion grippers.


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Any standard hobby servo (including the ones you listed) will work with the EZ-B and ARC:)
Thanks DJ,
can they work with the lynxmotion grippers because I want to get the ones without the servos because they're cheaper. Also, can you answer the question on the last post I made. Thanks.
You will have to compare the dimensions of the EZ-Robot Standard Servos against the lynxmotion kit you are referring to:)

EZ-Robot Standard Servos size:
User-inserted image
The demensions are a little different, 40 x 20 x 37 and 41 x 20 x 37, but will this still work if I used the standard servos to complte the gripper?
Will they make much of a difference?
United Kingdom
Generally there is play in all brackets so the almost any servo will work with them. Lynxmotion brackets can accommodate the EZ servos no problem.