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Just throwing this out there but Makibox has dropped their PLA printer price to 200. It's a 3d printer on a budget.


That's true that's true. I managed to score a solidoodle 2 for 499.99 with 229.99 discount making it 270 plus shipping. It was too good not to pass up even if the support isn't as good. We will see how it prints later in Jan - Feb when it arrives.


Yea what is cool is they kept the format the same for the large r S4 printer so they will offer upgrade parts to make the solidoodle 2 into the 3 with 8 xx print area then a case and door available too. I have been watching solidoodle for a while and they seem to be the best in their class and price range as well.


I have seen it in the past where a custom extruder was made and it rotates to switch to a different color. It could only turn 33 degrees left or right to switch so that the filament doesn't get tangled.

My favorite color is red so i just bought red print materials to start with.


The tough part is not finding reasonably priced 3D printers but the software and knowledge to build 3D objects as well as good slicers is the REAL challenge.


I got this for xmas

Other than the build, then the use of painter tape to make pla stick it has worked great

800.00 75.00 in tools (Caliper, C clip pliers)

The S/w so far works.

Have not designed anything my self yet.

I was looking at using Cubify's S/W any thoughts there?


Cubify Design for $200 seems to be a nice program. Output is STL files. Then you need a software package to slice and output files that your printer will accept like MakerWare or ReplicatorG. A lot will depend on what microcontroller is installed in the Cubify.