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Did You Ask For Servo Speed?

The best is getting better!

Did you ask for servo speed? How about 255 servo speeds? Did you also ask for double the servo resolution? Oh, and a few other speed increases? Including a 65% speed increase in face tracking, color tracking and motion tracking! I think you might have also asked for a few other goodies i've snuck into this next release.

We are in QA testing right now - expect the release in a few days!

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yay! I was doing this manually with a timer before, very useful mr sures.

Is this in the SDK as well? I only see a new ARC post.


Everything in ARC is also in the sdk:) ARC is just a graphical interface for the sdk.


You the man DJ !!!!!!!!!!!! Just in time for application on "Project Gizmo"!!!! Check out the progress update I posted today under, "Project Gizmo Underway" In the projects section.


I cannot believe that I found this site and soon after getting my EZB kit, what a version release! Everything I need and more!!! Nice job DJ!!

...any chance a sneak peek at biped motion...??? Please oh perty please!


Hehe, While working hard on this release - i used the biped as a testing platform - and i lit one of the servos on fire... literally

So he's currently out of commision until the replacement servo gets here. It doesn't use regular servos:(

Hope sometime next week... I'm very anxious to play with it again!

I just did some benchmarks for the new camera tracking - wow. I wasn't expecting it to be as fast as it is... The old method would take up to 30ms per frame to process for color tracking, now it's 15ms:)


Wow. On fire? Musta been the new hot ARC. The servo could not take it! And that is fast camera tracking. Cannot wait!

Question for you. Could you elaborate on "Scripting Routines", from your announcment? I use Brookshire's VSA and RAPU to record servo motion in a layered format, slowly building an animation. It uses frames per second and a time line to record and playback the animations. Will your routines work like this for recording walks and poses for the bipeds?

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@fxrtst actually it'll be very close to what you described. There are a few new controls, one specifically for biped's. The concept uses my own wave calculations to maintain user defined balance centering positions. You define the "frames" of a motion; for example walking forward, turning left, turn right, stop, crouch, etc..

The actions are replayed in series and the servo positions between actions are interpolated by my wave calculations.

The same applies to another control which is meant for ALL uses (including hexapods, general servo position scripting, and different bipeds).

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Very cool indeed. Now I certainly can't wait. Let's hope time will fly. Thanks for the insight DJ


Thanks DJ This is great! This is EXACTLY what I will need for my bot, awesome! :D


Love it :D

What's the music in the video? I like it:)


This will be great! I decided to use the chain and gear idea for the arms, works well but had to keep a 1:1 ration with the gears and the arm movement is ... what? Spastic? Was going to try different gears but not much room to try different ratios to slow down speed. Now I won't have to. I imagine for head movements it will work great also... Thanks DJ!