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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Dialogue Flow Error


Is anyone else experiencing this error with the dialogflow skill in arc?

User-inserted image

This happens every other time I send something to DialogFlow using the Dialogflow skill in ARC. The script runs fine sometimes, but occasionally, seemingly at random, the error occurs and then script fails to execute, it seems. I do get a valid response from Dialogflow, but the script will not execute when this error appears.

This is the EZ-Script I'm using that runs in the dialogflow skill when sending anything.


controlCommand("Bing Speech Recognition", "PauseListening")
controlCommand("Bing Speech Recognition", "UnpauseListening")
It occurs randomly whenever I send anything to dialogflow, regardless if I type it in manually or whether the script in the BingSpeech skill I'm using sends it.

Here is a screenshot of my ARC project.

User-inserted image

Thanks in advance. Hope you can help me resolve this.

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Interesting. I wonder if the dialog flow response is missing a parameter that the code expects. 

I’ll update the plug-in with some additional debugging info to see what’s going on.
Hard as i might, I'm unable to reproduce this error. Is there a missing configuration in the dialog flow configuration for your project? A missing intent or a missing response?
Hi DJ Sures.

I went back to check on my Dialogflow setup. I seemed everything was okay. However, I noticed that the error was being thrown whenever a request was sent correlating to Dialogflow's "Small Talk" feature (which I have setup for my robot). The error gets thrown every time for every phrase in Small Talk. I think I'll just have to hard code everything by hand--which I suppose will give me more liberty anyway.

Thanks! This resolves my issue.