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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Dialogflow Skill Out Of Date And Poorly Maintained

I need to reimplement Dialogflow into my robot's ARC application. However, I can no longer find the api key field in Dialogflow as described in the most current tutorial of the most current version of the skill (version 19 as of this writing). In Dialgflow Essentials (which I am using currently), there is only a google project ID field now.

User-inserted image

Clicking on this id, which is a link, takes me to the Dialogflow Project in the Google Cloud Platform. Now, here I can see some api keys, which I made sure to refresh.

User-inserted image

However, none of these api keys will work when I insert them into the skill fields, no matter how long I wait for changes to take effect after refreshing them.

User-inserted image

Furthermore, I'm disappointed in the help icon for the Dialogflow skill, as the help icon besides the API key field refers to the api-key for another skill (Microsoft Bing). I'm not sure what other mistakes might be in this skill now(?).
User-inserted image

Note, all testing so far has been with the EZ-board turned off and my computer alone connected to the internet (I will ensure the computer is connected to my robot and the internet simultaneously later, of course, to use Dialogflow).

I kindly request this skill be updated and corrected where needed, unless there is something I am still doing wrong. I've been spending hours searching Synthiam.com, but have not found anything in the manual or tutorials, which all seem to be out of date for Dialogflow, from what I observe. I also cannot find any community posted questions related to this issue (which I find surprising; I thought someone would have seen this or had trouble with it by now). I'm even questioning, thus, if there was something I missed while trying to navigate synthiam.com--the site doesn't always feel intuitive to navigate for me. So if I did miss anything for the life of me, I'd appreciate any correction, but given what I know, see, and have tried, I've run out of options.

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#1   — Edited
While I likely can't help much, I can mention that this skill is on the list to have its documentation updated. 

For further questions, the author of the skill @DJ Sures may be able to help.
When was the last time it worked for you ? I'm curious as to when it stopped working.
Any response on this issue?  I have not used DialogFlow before but was trying to install and ran into the same issues with API keys.
Were on it:) should have an update sometime in the next 2 weeks
Thank you, DJ Sures. I appreciate it. I suspect the code update should come very soon now?
Soon-ish. It's a bigger job than expected. The changes they made to the api isn't as flexible as the previous api. It's a huge pain to use their config interface to setup google authentifcation and such. Stay tuned
It's actually a fun robot skill to use. I had a great time making little scripts for conversation. I think @Perry would benefit from this or anyone looking to have conversational instructions with their robot.