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Asked — Edited

Dfferent Servo Speed - Same Settings

hi there..

I use the Auto Position app to control my robot.
my action settings for "turn left" and "turn right" (all frames) are:


but turn left is more fast as turn right..
sometimes.. I change settings from "go forward "or add a new action..
after that all other actions are faster then before.. I dont know why.. ?!

same problem with the camera tracking speed..
the horizontal is slower then the vertical speed.. both are the same ez-robot servos.. both use 4 steps..

Can I set all servos to a same speedlevel ?



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What robof or configuration are you using?

All servos of the same manufacture and model should be the same speed - specifically ezrobot servos. And the Auto Position ensures that all servos arrive to their destination position at the same time. It's impossible for that to not happen.

1) Please explain your robot and it's configuration for assistance.

2) Also, it doesn't sound like you read the blue question marks or the Auto Position manual page on what the "speed" option does.

3) Lastly, where are you adjusting the "speed" value?

Most important question is #1.