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Detect Pulses From Encoders

i want to use a optical encoder or magnetic encoder for measuring speed from a motor can that be done ,looking at quadrature encoders or single encoders


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DJ did you find a answer to this question


Currently, not easily. But i do have an idea.... hmmmm!


yea,be cool latter to have a interface .but any ideas for now will try


DJ can you share the idea with me yet

Also would be a very good add-on for EZB to be able to count pulses great for navigation and distance traveled,and backing up and more


The idea is my next ez bit:)

I have been busy with the pcb's for a bunch. There are a few.seems like it has taken for ever. Hard to do it all alone:(

But I can't complain! I have the best job on earth:) I'm sure of it! Robots robots robots robots robots


yea me too best job of all making large money,then having much time at home builds lots of robots ,plus free travel i guess my robots are #1 on the list ,second is my freelance job or travel been to most countries,hope soon canada to see the whales ,big item on my list and canada does have many boat trips to see them,waterfals and zoo's are mostly what i see on my trips


I would love to have your job dj , keep me in mind when you need a USA rep one day a few years from now.


This would be cool some like the way the Bigtrak toy worked.


i made a special magnetic quadrature encoder so hopping DJ will have a interface soon arduino has it ,as basic stamp and mostly all microcontrollers have to read pulses