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Detect Different Shapes?

I was wondering if there was a way to detect shapes using the vision tracking in EZ-Builder? I would like to be able to locate a colored rectangular border of said proportions and have the camera center itself on the rectangular border. I now that it is possible to center the camera using servos in ARC but can't seem to figure out if there is a way to identify shapes.


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Look in to OpenCV and custom detection with haar cascade.
Shapes are pretty difficult, but colors are much easier. If you have a colored object, then using the Multicolor tracking method and that'll do what you're looking for:)

To detect shapes, like through any vision tracking software, you would first need to create a haar cascade. It's a rigorous process of collecting positive and negative images. I had tried to make a simple automatic cascade builder in ARC... but it was too difficult. You'd need proper lighting and a clean background to isolate the object. And no shadows. And and and and and... By the time the requirements list is completed, no one would want to take the days of processing power to complete it, LOL:)

So... long story short, you would need to use the Open CV Haar Cascade method to create an XML file. That file can be loaded into ARC.
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