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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Detailed Explanation Of BLOCKLY Commands

Hi -

short question: Is there a glossary for Blockly commands ?

Most are easy to identify, but e.g. what is the difference between the ADC command and the ADC12 command ?

A survey for all Blockly commands would be very helpful.

Earlier I was programming OZOBOT EVOs, using OZOBLOCKLY and - I must admit - that they are offering a very good online glossary (right side on the screen):  https://ozoblockly.com/editor?lang=en&robot=evo&mode=5



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Hi - we're actually working on that:) The support section is brand new and we're adding to it everyday. The Blockly API is taking a bit longer due to screenshots required for the info. Stay tuned ... probably by the end of the week.

In the short term. ADC and ADC12 is the bit value resolution. For example, ADC gets 8 bit value (0-255) and ADC12 gets a 12 bit value (0-4096). This is because some controllers (i.e. some arduinos and ez-robot ezbv4 & iotiny) can get 12 bit ADC resolution.
Good to see - thanks in advance !
Hi DJ,

did you get such a Blockly glossary (see above) in the meantime?
#4   — Edited
It’s on the list - no eta at the moment
Hi DJ,

I meanwhile know all commands and their background - except the camera commands.

Suggestion from my side:

-   You briefly explain the Blockly camera commands for me (within a mail is OK).

-   I do the writing for all Blockly commands for a complete glossary within January (file format: MS WORD).

Sure, I may have to ask you for a few details, related to your modules that I do not use.

#6   — Edited
This website application CMS does not use MS Word file formats for the support section. You can ask what different Blockly blocks are and I'll answer
Currently no open questions concerning BLOCKLY.