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Delay From Pandorabot To Talk Servo Plugin

I am using the talk servo plugin with the pandorabot. But there is a 2 second delay between the two. It seems like that the pandorabot plugin gets processed first and when its over the talk servo starts and then the servo moves. Any idea?



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I know there have been some recent changes in ARC with Talk Servo, have you updated to the latest ARC version?


Every control has a gear icon, which represents the Configuration/Settings screen for that control. Press the gear icon for the Talk servo and adjust the parameters for your unique application. Every talk servo application is unique due to unknown attributes, such as servo speed by servospeed() or voltage, computer processing delays, and of course the length of lever attached to the servo for the mouth. In this case, sounds like the pause time before speaking.


Hi, have the latest version of ARC. When i use speach synthesis control there is no delay, only with pandorabot. ARC executes first pandora, speacks and only then executes the Talk Servo.