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Defective Ez-B V4.X/2 Comm Upgrade Board

I have a DOA EZ-B v4.x/2 Comm upgrade board form my last order... Looks like I need to post a thread in order to "link to" in the Contact Us form for warranty...

Symptoms... Solid red led on the comm (top) board and audio spits out "communication error"...



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Did you pat your cat with it?


@DJ Actually now that you mention it, it does make a great cat grooming tool...:)

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Caught in the act! Warranty void!

Also, cat not pleased


LOL, too funny @RR.

I'm guessing this is the first thing you did but I have to ask anyway, did you try the reset button? Are there any broken pins on the upgrade board?


@Jeremie... Yeah.. tried everything. Tried resetting several times. I also tried the board on several bottom boards that still have to be upgraded... There is also no evidence visually (like bent or broken pins) on the board that would suggest a reason why it won't work....

@DJ The cat actually loves ez robot stuff... Just not being groomed by them. Anyway, lets see an arduino do that... :P Hmmm, I think I may have discovered a new market opportunity for ez robot for all those unused comm 1 boards;)


I suggest petting the cat more