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Cylinder Rolling Robot Idea, Needs A Name!

So I came up with the idea of a cylinder-shaped rolling robot. It will be able to follow people around and talk to them. It will be about a foot wide, 3-7" long, and 3-7" high.

Still a concept, but I see one in the future.

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Rover? LOL

I like the idea.


Oh. forgot to mention I would like the name to relate to how it rolls.

@rgordon , Maybe.


It definitely looks like a miniature Cyclon, or one that was squished at least. How about Cylog? (look kinda like a log with wheels and a Cylon eye) Or maybe Cyroller?

It also kinda looks like the robot eye of the robot: Maximilian, from the movie "The Black Hole". Hmmm, Max-mini or mini-Max, tinyMax, Max-rollo?

He would be in the shape of a pop can or a roll of quarters, or pringles can. How about Pepsi-Maximilian, QuarterMax, or BetaMax? AlphaMax? MetaMax? LaserMax?

Maybe combine some names? CyMax?

Anyway these might get you started with some more ideas:)

Lol, just noticed @rgordon has Maximilian as his Avatar....


Thanks for the ideas, but I think I want an acronym.

Ive come up with ROLL, but can't think of what it should stand for.

ROLL Robotic observation something something...

What adjectives/ robotic terms start with "L"


I'm thinking ROD

Robotic observation Device

Not sure though so any more ideas?


@Technopro I think ROD is a perfect name.


Thanks Antron, I think its an alright name too.

I just want to see if anyone else can give me something better.


lol. good idea. but I think I want it to be an acronym.


One of these? RoLax, Romax , Romex , wheelie


How about ROFLMAO! :) thats an acronym... robot on floor laughing madly At Orangatangs


Hey how about this. R.O.L.L.: Robotic Online Learning Lifeform

Check out this cool robot acro name site.

Name your robot


thanks Tymtravler, that's perfect. thanks for the website!