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Create2 On D0 Not Working

Need some assistance, I have Create 2 Platform and recent purchased the EZ-bV4. in working with the tutorials on the site i as not able to get the EZ-b to control the Create 2, using the the Roomba movement panel.

I have ready multiple threads of folk having similar issues, and wanted to know if some has come up with a solution to this, I am not an electronic engineer so hopefully it will be something off the shelf.

Thanks in advance Alain


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Use 115,200 protocol and select clean first.... Still the best way is what I did is create a custom Movement Panel with sendSerial commands...

Try this... It uses the UART Port 0 not D0 however... Custom Movement Panel for Roomba 500 series


Thanks for the replay but i am not sure how to connect to the uart , do you have a diagram for that interface to the create2


Look at the descriptive picture of the ezb4 here (below)... The black female header is the UART port 0 (it's labelled in the picture)... all you need is two wires to it... 1 for the ground and the other to the TX pin of the UART. The port pinouts are labelled.... Two wires to your create and that's it... Then load the Example Project I linked to above and check it out... EZB4 descriptive parts

All this assumes you have your 7pin din connector wired correctly to your create as well....


Hi Richard thanks for all of the help I wired pin 4 of create 2 to the tx of the ezb uart and the then pin 6 ground to ground, and still no luck.

Pins 1 and 2 are Create 2 battery voltage. Pin 3 is Create 2 TX. Pin 4 is Create 2RX. Pins 5 and 6 are Ground. Pin 7 is Create 2 BRC.

Now my EZb is DEAD ARRRG! I will have to send a support ticket in to see if i can get if fixed or replaced.

Thanks For your help


@Alanverdure... Before you do that check the fuse in the base... Maybe you just blew the fuse?... Be careful if you are powering your ezb through the Create's Vpow (unregulated) line as the ezb is spec'd for up to 16V only or something like that... When docked the creates charger delivers 20+ volts...


Cool will do , I was just using a 9v battery for testing. I do plan on using the creat2 power for the ezb and purchase a dc variable volatage regulator for that specific reason from the The Robot Shop,

Thanks Alain


Checked Voltage at the base and the fuse is good Rats :-(


Silly question I am sure, but did you check your 9v battery? They are not built fir this kind of application. Won't deliver a lot of amps and will drain really fast.



Yepper Batter is all good I had Purchased a new 8 pack for my testing for that reason but thanks anyway much appreciated.. :-)


Every control has a ? (Question mark) next to the X (close). This information is displayed to you when ARC is loaded. Press the ? (question mark) on the iRobot Movement Panel and you will be brought to the manual page for that control. The diagram to connect and use the control is there.

User-inserted image

Use the ? (question mark) next to all X (close) buttons for information.

Here's a direct link:


Thansk DJ I tried that first with no luck then I tried the uart and no luck as well after that I powered down the ezb and rechecked all my cable and my EZB will not power up and the fuse is good.

For the create 2 pin out I used the attached doc. I have already opened a ticket for replacement or repair.

But I could not get it my create 2 to work on D0 or the Uart :-(


I've been thinking about making a 2 way iRobot Roomba Movement Panel that uses one of the ez-b hardware UART's. I'd like it to read sensor data as well.

I'll take a look this week if i have time


HI Dj , I just received word in my email that your support will not replace the EZB.

I am bit disappointing as i Followed all of the web site documentation and the Create2 document to connect the EZB to my create2 platform.

I have provide the document i used in an earlier post.

It is a bit disappointing as i am within the 90 day warranty period and I followed all of the documentation provided by this web site/forum and the creat2 website.

I would just like a replacement, anything you can dow would be appreciated.

Thanks Alain


Hello DJ,

Any word on the new two way Roomba/Create2 Movement Panel that uses one of the EZB Uart Ports and also has two way communications for reading sensor data? Thanks...Rick. :)


@rbonari, expect the control in the next few months