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Couldn'T Help Myself

Sung to "Theme From Rawhide"

Roli' Roli' Roli' Though the threads are swollen Keep them botties rollin', World wide

Rain and wind and weather DHL will deliver Wishin' my toy was by my side

none of the things are missin' tutorials, helps and wishin' Are waiting at the end of my ride

pack 'em in (box em' up!) box em' up (ship 'em on!) ship 'em on (Head em' out!) World wide

print 'em off (pimp 'em up!) pimp 'em up (print em' out!) print 'em out send 'em on, World wide!

Keep them movin', movin', movin' DJ’s team are amazein’ Keep them botties movin', World wide!

Do try to understand 'em Just hope, learn, and code 'em Soon they’ll be livin' high and wide

My heart's calculatin' My true love will be waitin' Be waitin' at the end of my ride

Move 'em on (light em' up!) light em' up (code 'em up!) code 'em up ( em' up!) World wide!

Cut em' out (Ride 'em in!) Ride 'em in (Cut em' out!) Cut em' out Ride 'em in, World wide!

Yah! (whip crack)

Move 'em on (Head em' up!) Head em' up (Move 'em on!) Move 'em on (Head em' up!) World wide!

code em' up (send 'em in!) send 'em in (Cut em' out!) Cut em' out Ride 'em in, Rawhide!

Roli' roli',roli' Roli' roli' roli' Yah! (whip crack) Roli' roli' roli' Roli' roli' roli' World wide!

Yah! (whip crack)



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Ok, lol.... How many pints have you had? You're cut off dude and we're calling you a cab:P


None today it lunch time here. Just had that tune in my head, while waiting for my roli to ship :D


It's true, Roli is indeed rolling now... It won't be long now for yours to ship.... How about an official unboxing video when you get him? :)


That was pretty awesome! I needed the laugh this morning.


thanks, i needed that!



haha thats nice. you should find a karaoke version of the song and sing along. recored it so you robot can sing it.


We should have Roli play and sing it. lol



That's so funny! I love it:) I'm sure everyone here appreciates it as well!


@Tech .... I feel sorry for your generation... Good music effectively came to a abrupt halt in the mid '80s... Anything after that just sucks... LOL


LOL @Richard. Maybe the stuff that gets airplay, but 80% of my extensive music collection is from this century and it stands up quite well to the best of the 60's-80's.



Ok Alan, name a band or even a performer that can ever do what the Eagles have done... The Eagles Greatest hits volume 2 is still the best selling album/CD of all time... Elton John, The Beatles, Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Styx, Journey, Foreigner ... (many, many more that I am too lazy to type)... ooops forgot then there is the awesomeness of your century.... Justin Beiber.... LOL

The irony of it all, Justin Beiber the little punk, grew up less than 20 km from me.... LOL

It's all good.... Just ribbing you....



Heh, my century... I think I am older than you, just like to keep current with the cutting edge (and I don't mean Bieber...). I figure I'll never get old if I keep acting young.

But your list is all in my collection (except Journey. Never my cup of tea), and no one will ever have a debut album like Led Zeppelin's debut (or second, or 3rd, or 4th albums) but I am really enjoying the work of "The Gaslight Anthem" (very reminiscent of Springsteen, but with their own twist. Saw them live a couple weeks ago. Great show even though I was the second oldest guy in the room). Also enjoying "Fall Out Boy", "Bayside", and "Motion City Soundtrack" a great deal. Prior to breaking up, "My Chemical Romance" did some brilliant work.

In a totally different direction, this "kid" is amazing (and local to me):
Margot MacDonald


United Kingdom

@Richard I have to agree with Alan here.

Best Selling Albums - Eagles is number 3;) OK the two above may be before the mid 80s but there are 2 above it.

It's not always about how many CDs have sold anyway. I guarantee you that a live show now is as good, if not better than a live show back before the mid 80s. I've been to a few over the last few years. Kiss in 2010 still blew the roof off. Bon Jovi in 2013 put on a hell of a show. Steel Panther always put on a killer show.

But that's not what people like to play on the radio. Pop music has always been bad. I could list examples but I don't want to lose my credibility by admitting I know some of those songs:)

I agree, there has been some right **** come out over the last 2 or 3 decades. Songs with lyrics that were probably written using some kind of computer program to just make words that go together. But there have been some awesome songs too with amazing lyrics and music too. Guns N Roses Use Your Illusions I & II, Nirvana Nevermind, Pearl Jam Ten, I best stop here, I could go on for a long time for post 1985 awesomeness... Even the last couple of years have seen some awesome albums.

Don't let the Bieber make you think everything since 1985 has been like that "baby, baby, baby, oh... baby, baby, baby ohmm.." garbage;)


@Rich... Lets look at it another way.... If you were a concert promoter where sales and filing the stadium were your goals, then who would you use to frontline the concert? If it were me my choices would be ABBA (even though I don't really like them), Led Zeppelin or the Eagles.... To me it's a no brainer....

Edit Have to include Michael Jackson as well (even though I don't really like him either)

Wake me up when any one ever duplicates Jimmy Page's guitar solo in Stairway to Heaven or Don Felder's/Joe Walsh's lead solos on Hotel California.....

Better yet, wake me up if someone ever writes a song better than Hotel California....



Ironically tomorrow night as a birthday gift, my girlfriend and I are heading to the ACC in Toronto to see Fleetwood Mac in concert.... Christine McVie has rejoined the band to boot....! Not sure how good they will be since they are getting old... However I am still stoked as I have always wanted to see them live....

United Kingdom

Check out the band Steel Panther, they are only a few years old and put on one hell of a show and have some awesome licks, hooks and solos (warning: adult content). Alice Cooper still puts on a great show. Kiss still put on a great show. Def Leppard still put on a good show. Even some of the less known bands put on awesome shows such as Kids Cant Fly & Taking Dawn.

I don't deny Page laid down something that I consider to be an orgasm for my ears (can I say that here?) and the 60s & 70s had a lot of awesome talent but what about Van Halen? Eddie is also a guitar god. '86 to '96 had a string of hits, Guns N Roses, Metallica, Foo Fighters, Nirvana...

There is a lot of junk out there but there always has been.

I think we have strayed off topic;)


Just one more off topic. Have you guys seen the documentary "It Might Get Loud"? Jimmy Page, Jack White, and The Edge discussing their different philosophies on guitar playing and their inspirations, and learning each others best riffs. Absolutely brilliant.



@Alan... no I haven't, but I'll check it out... thanks...


It can be found on YouTube.

Back on topic, how many songs about robots are there?

I know Styx - Mr Roboto and The Flaming Lips "Yoshimi battles the pink robots pts 1 and 2" and "One More Robot".

Anyone able to name others?



Actually Styx did Mr. Roboto.... That's basically when they "jumped the shark".... after that album....


Yah, I edited my post to fix that. Was thinking Rush because of all the Sci Fi themed stuff they did.