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Could Someone Post A Link To A Windows 10 Iso Download

I tried to upgrade with the Free Windows 10 on both my W3 and my desktop. They both went almost to the end and said they could not upgrade. So, I was told there was an ISO that would work in these cases.


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Thanks Steve,

I did all the google search and it just took me to a third party that wanted me to download a lot of extra crap.
I was hoping for a Microsoft link. I went to all of the Microsoft links that I could find and the only links they had, they wanted to charge me for it. 
I have already gotten pop ups to upgrade to windows 10 FREE.

I think the second link may help me. I will try it.

thanks , Steve.

Sincerely, Mel:)

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Hey Mel.

As far as I man aware, the first link I sent you for the ISO is to the official Microsoft site. The second link should hopefully help you out though anyway.

Good luck.


Steve, why did it have that shield on it? I figured it was going to install a virus checker that would take over my system. I', sorry, I will try it again.


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look for the "Media Creation Tool" link. I believe that is what you need.


Yea, Mel you want the media creation tool. I have it. It turns a usb into an windows updater.


I have tried to install win10 about 20 times on the W3. It kept telling me I did not have room. I have a 32g Hard drive on the SD card and have a 16 or 32g on the system disk. I moved EVERYTHING over to the larger SD disk. After that, I took everything I could possible spare off of the system disk. It then let me get almost to the end. Then it came up and asked me to approve the license agreement for the 2nd time. That was weird. I XXXXXXed out of that and restarted the machine. Then I was back to windows 8.1 again. So, it looks like I am going to have to remove all of that stuff again and wipe everthing clean. And don't even go to the bathroom. At my age, I get fewer mpg than I used to. ha!ha!


I feel like this is going to work. But, I will not be in here until 4 AM Saturday. Got to go spend some time with the Little Lady (who claims she is a computer/robot widow.)


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Lol, Like you last comment in post #9. I'm not there yet, but soon will be.:D

Anyway, Windows 10 will require 16 Gig minimum on the hard drive to complete. Have a look at your tablets "Computer, Properties" to see the size of the drive you have installed in the W3, then see how much spare room you have on it. If you have a 32g then you will be better off. If it's only a 16g, then it will be tight and some lateral thinking may be needed.

This will be a good opertunity to get rid of programs and stuff you no longer need, and everything you do have that you want to keep, manage it between the W3's drive and the SD card to give you enough room.