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I'm unsure what you mean.


A custom built robot chassis can be anything you want to build. Find yourself an old toy and convert it into a robot, that is an example of a custom chassis.

Also, creating a chassis entirely from scratch is also a cusom chassis - for example adding wheels to a custom chassis made of wood or plastic.


ill will try to make a costom chassis out of wood then. doese wood work good as a chassis?


Hey robotdude,

You can make a chassis out of anything. You will notice on my avatar that i used two Frisbees. You can use wood, Aluminum or heavy plastic.  I think maybe that Aluminum is the best. just go down to your local hardware store and ask for some aluminum angle or channel stock.
There are many places that sell plastic pre-cut for adding servos and stuff. Also, look at the EZ-Robot Store (click on the second icon at the top of this page.) D.J. has some tank bottoms. Also, there are many kits that provide everything you need. Just do a Google search.

Oh, you can check a place called LetsMakeRobots. That is a great place to start.

Good Luck! and Happy Roboting!

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Heck I used 2 hotel key cards to make a chassis for my first EZ-B robot


One guy used a tissue box. You can use anything. To get more ideas, click on the Robots button at the top of this page.

Hope that this helped.