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Cool Site For Learning Electronics And Building Circuits

Here is a site that has a whole lot to offer for understanding how circuits work. It has lots of schematics for many handy projects that could be incorporated into a robot build. Well worth taking the time to explore this link.



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United Kingdom
Nice find. Some good info and circuits on there:)
Thanks, Bookmarked both. Always looking for places to learn more. I learned some electronics in Physics class in high school, and had a Radio Shack 101 electronics project kit as a kid, but 30 years later with very little use, most of that knowledge has slipped away....

@Rich.... yeah this site is definately worth combing through. I like the way a lot of the circuit diagrams are animated to show how things function. This is an invaluable tool to those learning electronics. This site does a very good job of explaining how things work the way they do.

@Troy... yeah that's another good site. I registered on their forum awhile back.

@thetechguru.... it's good to keep in pratice on these things. I have a solderless breadboard I use to build circuits.

To anyone who needs it...I have an electronic copy of the Digital Circuit "Engineers Notebook" by Forrest Mims if you need it. It is a treasure trove of digital circuits.