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Cool Claw From The Creative Mind Of Magnus

After reading the posts on Magnus I went searching for those cool claws he has and found this. At the Sportsman's Guide website for $50 for the pair.

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Sportsman's Guide


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Those are way cool. I wonder how they are activated?
I think they have a ratchet and spring set up so that as you move the "thumb" closer to the two "fingers" it will not move back on you unless you push a button on the side to release it. I think it could easily be modified to be used as a gripping hand. I may have to invest in a set and play with them as I eventually want something that large fora larger bot I am planning. But I have som many other toys to buy for my newest small bot (2 foot high RobotB9 from Lost in Space), I just don't know. Limited resources you understand.

Thanks for neat thread name:)

When I got my claws they were on sale at Walmart about 2 years ago for about $50. I checked the Walmart web site but I don't think they carry them anymore. Bummer....I removed the ratchet mech. and will try to install a servo to actuate them. One drawback is they are fairly heavy. Haven't worked on the arms in a long while. Been busy with the head design.
How heavy are they? Can you tell me the approx dimensions?

I will get the info to you soon as I get back from my trip.
Best I can do for now till I get back home....there were no dimensions listed.
I will get you the info soon.

Kolpin Gear Grips