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Converting EZ-Robot Listed Stall Torque To Oz-In

I feel kinda like a moron here. I'm having trouble understanding how to convert the stall torque listed on the EZ-Robot product page for their large HDD servos into oz-in. Here's the stat they list: Stall torque: 190.20kgcm (7.4v) . Can someone point me to a calcaulator where I can figure this out? What am I converting from when it states kg.cm? is it 19 kg and 0.20cm?

If so, am I looking at 19kg=670.205oz and 0.20cm=0.0787402in? If this the case then Hitech has nothing that comes close to the speed and power of the EZ-Robot HDD Servos.

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#1   — Edited
Just google it... There are many online converters... 19kg/cm = 263.86 oz-in
Gonna get Richard a cape. To the rescue! He swoops in with the answer. Booya
#3   — Edited
Thanks old friend. Must have been a senior moment for me. LOL Maybe it was the way it was written. Couldn't have been me. LOL.