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Resolved Resolved by Dunning-Kruger!

Convert Celsius To Fahrenheit

Can someone provide me script that takes the GetCpuTemp and converts it to F. I have tried and it keeps causing ezbuilder to crash.


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Have you tried using this formula? ...


$far = (GetCpuTmp() * 9/5) + 32
No, I was assigning the GetCPUTemp to a variable and then doing the math with the variable. Will try and get back to you.
Crashing ARC? That's not easy to do. I'd like to see your code.
Anyway, here is a method. I tried it and it does not crash.:)

$CTemp is temperature in Celsius
$FTemp is temperature in Farenheit


$CTemp =GetCpuTemp()
$FTemp =($CTemp * 1.8) +32
Print("Celsius ="+$CTemp) #So you can see the results in the debug window
Print("Farenheit ="+$FTemp)
little more complex than Richard's answer, but tested...


#initialize variables

$temp = ""
$ftemp = ""
#get cpu temp
$temp = getcputemp()
#convert to f
$ftemp = $temp * 1.8 + 32
#display result You could also speak it, etc...

Perfect. Thank you.
OK guys, all together now ...

Richard R._____
WBS___________\_____You're Welcome!
Yes, the whole group is awesome and very quick to respond.
United Kingdom
I'm still interested in seeing the original script, I've yet to crash ARC with a script and some of mine are insanely large and complex, I want to know what it takes to kill ARC:)