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Controlling Two Brookstone Rovers

Hi guys, I wanted to know if I can control two Brookstone rovers with one computer and two wireless cards. Its for a school project. Each card would connect to one of the rovers. I tried doing this with the EZ Builder software and was unable to do so since it wouldn't let me add more than one control for the rover even though I was connected to two. I was wondering if this is possible with the SDK since I would be using it anyway or is it completely limited to controlling one rover.


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oh sorry i was wrong DJ only a idea,i guess i miss understand little about using ARC
Oonly thought you can connect 2 ARC and control both using only one

i guess will wait for EBLAZE123 to make the sdk

so DJ i cant connect EZ=-BUILDER on one of my tanks and have another computer with another ARC and control or read values and control from one one computer using server command
Eblaze i am getting my second brookstone ROVER in a few days so cant wait to try my idea i have and you SDK idea too.

I guess i might start my own project.
Well, so I tried it out with the two rovers. I plugged in both my wireless usb adapters with each adapter connecting to each rover. Then I first tried it with the SDK assigning two variables and having each of them connect. I noticed that only one rover could be connected which was usually the one i connected to first on the adapter. Then I tried running two copies of ARC and the first copy connected to one of the rovers but the second copy didn't connect at all. In fact the connect button didn't work at all. It makes sense that the SDK wouldn't work if the ARC cound't work. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
Ah, after thinking about this - the brookstone rover ip addresses will be in conflict. They would both have the same network on the same computer. Unless there is a way to change the ip address of the brookstone rover, i guess it won't be possible.

sorry about that:) there is no limitation to ARC or EZ-SDK running multiple instances. The limitation is with the rover itself.
@eblade i got both my rovers working on seperate computers and it works perfect
Next working on a script on controlling ,tet my design is on the last page of the post,if you have a problem let me know.

second part waiting on one another WIFI board that my network guy said it should work with some changes using only one computer.

THIRD it little hard but work on a script to control both rovers with one pc
not using the Movement Panel only using to connect to the rover.only scripts

BUT try my idea it works on 2 seperate computers,i have 2 at home

here is my link to my design

another brookstone rover project

EACH rover has its own SSID address on the bottom of the robot
United Kingdom
As explained in your post, you are getting confused between SSID and IP.

Two rovers on Two separate computers is bound to work. The wireless connections are separated. The wireless connection creates an AdHoc wifi network between the PC and the Rover. This AdHoc connection is only available to the PC and the Rover. The second PC cannot see it therefore it is as if it does not exist. The second PC can therefore have an identical AdHoc wireless network without any issues.
Two rovers on the same computer, in effect in the same TCP/IP network, will cause IP conflicts. While the two AdHoc wireless networks are separate the IP address of both Rovers is the same ( The TCP/IP network does not take in to account the SSID only the IP address. It sees two devices connected with the the same address AKA an IP Conflict.
PLEASE dont listen to RICH he doesnt own any brookstone rovers not even one,
TRY my test it works,,there is a way to bridge network connections ,so it can be controlled

Havent done that part yet waiting on another wireless card

WHAT ever post i do, it seems RICH finds it and tries to prove me wrong
when i tried AT HOME and it works ,YET he doesnt own one or sensor i design or circuit
I am electronic engineer mostly making electronic boards amd my main field is sensor testing,every type ever made almost
Rich is correct. You cannot run two brookstone rovers on one computer due to both rovers having the same IP address and same network.

You cannot have two computers with the same IP address. That is called an IP address conflict.
DJ how come i am able to do it on mine
United Kingdom
You have not connected both rovers to one pc.
You have connected two rovers to two different PCs.
I have explained why that works and why connecting two rovers on one PC will not work.
YES that i keep telling you ,but you never read it,i know you cant connect both ROVERS to one pc ,i tried this
United Kingdom
Sorry, but what on Earth are you saying you have managed to do then?

I have read every word you have typed. I have explained everything to you on countless occasions. What is it you have done which we are saying cannot be done?

Two rovers on one PC cannot happen.
Two rovers on two PCs can happen as the wireless adhoc networks do not conflict with each other as they are not joined in any way, shape or form.
You are unable to control two rovers on one PC. Even with two wifi adapters. The ip addresses of the rovers are the same, which creates an ip conflict.
YES i know that ,DJ but can change the ip address for it ,like for one
and for another

Will post a video of it when i finish my projects and the complete step by step on how to set it up
You are unable to change the IP address of the rovers.

Also, you cannot have the same network on two separate adapters. In your example, you listed both rovers as being 192.168.1.x/

You cannot span a network across two adapters.

If there was a way to change the ip of the rover,
They would need to be on separate networks.


Each adapter requires its own network.
YES i know that,my have a friend who is a expert at networking since he use to work for a company the makes network card

So he will,tell me step by step on how he did it,only wish he like a across from the street from me ,but moved to philly,penn

SO he is best solution,I never give up,and i will find a fix for this.

he did tell me about me might needing its own adapter
and he said you can use 2 usb wireless cards with some changes on one computer
i JUST ordered another USB wireless card

RICH YOU SAID THIS :Two rovers on two PCs can happen as the wireless adhoc networks do not conflict with each other as they are not joined in any way, shape or form.
Thats how mine works
United Kingdom
I can't see what the question is. I can't explain it any clearer. I'm out. I give up on this.
I'm still trying to figure out who's on first....:)
Thanks RICH
Just wait for my video and how to set it up,I am going to get it working.
I cannot explain any further. I have provided clear and concise response. I can not longer engage on this topic.