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Controll Jd With Wii Nunchuck?

Hello everybody,

i use the WII for Control my JD, Everything is fine.

I have also a Nunchuck...

Its possible to controll the JD also with the Nunchuck?

Because i cant manage to controll, but maybe its not possible.

For really only one time the Buttons "Z" and "C" are working, but now never again.

I have 2 WII Remote with 2 Nunchucks! So i check both and both WII Remote works, but both Nunchucks not.

So for the typical question, if the WII Remote is broken, i dont think so.



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If i connect the WII Remote without Nunchuk in EZB-Software and then plug the Nunchuk to the WII Remote, then only the Button "C" and "Z" works!

But is this constallation no accelerometer works (not on the Remote and not on the Nunchuk)

If i make "Refresh" the List for Remote and choose again the WII Remote the accelerometer works again, but not the Nunchuk and no Buttons on the Nunchuck!

Use somebody the Nunchuk to controll some Servos'?



Here is the link to the help for the WiiMote control: . This is the same link as pressing the ? question mark button next to the X close. Ensure you have read that Motion Plus remotes are not compatible. Also there is a video with detail on how to use it. It's easy once you check the manual page:)


Hi DJ,

yes i check out for long time your article.

I have the old WII Remote!

My WII Remote 100% full works!

Only the Nunchuk has now really function!

And if i see a tab called "Nunchuk" in the WII Remote option, i think i can use the Nunchuk!

Do you ever use the Nunchuk to controll a servo'?


MY Question is not solved!

Why is the "Question solved" option away?

DJ did not answer my question!

Come on guys what is this?



Your question has only been out there for roughly an hour. Give folks some time and I'm sure someone will try and help you.

Personally I have never used the WII control and I'm not at home where I can look at it or experiemnt with it. I have never seen the nunchuk used in any demos.


Hello Zap!

Yes i also never see a video with the nunchuk!

But its funny, if the nunchuk not work, why i have this TAB for the Nunchuk?

No problem with time for the folks, but it´s strange after DJ give me the answer with the article, my question is solved! ;-)


Most likely Ez-robot closed your thread with the idea you did not read the Wii remote help page, which they want everyone to do before they ask questions. We will help you though, so don't make another thread.

If i remember correctly, I too never got the nunchuck joystick to work. Maybe it was never meant to be used by ARC?

As for the accelerometer troubles, I beleive it is just a stroke of luck if it works correctly. I resorted to using purely the wii remotes accelerometer and then the nunchuck for the buttons only.

Sorry, wasn't much help.:P


Hi Technopro! (See you again ;-)

no prob! Thanx for your help.

Maybe i will check the controll with a Gampad!



It's a silly thing - the nintendo nunchuck. Sometimes they work and sometimes not. Even if it's an old one, the version of the nunchuck seems to vary and we haven't been able to determine how or why. The Wii itself seems to work often, but the nunchuck is where we experience the trouble. I believe this is because Nintendo never expected either device to be connected to a Windows PC - which makes sense:)


Hi DJ,

so i understand no way for normal using?

Do you check the the joysticks on the logitech f710 to controll a arm of the JD?

Because the Wii is a funny idea/stuff to controll a arm, but its not reall accurat!