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hello when I use Blockly to write my code and I use ControlCommand to start recording for the camera it is not working it shows me an error (AVI start recording error) / or pause on and off for the speech recognition and the Wii remote it is not working correctly so what is the problem?

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All of those functions work great - simply use the appropriate manuals to follow the instructions on use. You can access the manual for each skill control by pressing the ? (question mark) next to the X (Close) button on each control. Simply point the mouse cursor at the question mark and click the button - voila:) Instructions.

It'll be best to ensure you know how to use each function before assembling them all together. Which is why we have created a great tutorial section and The Robot Program episodes to get you started.

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That’s because Recording Start is not starting the camera, it’s starting a recording. Recording video to a file. Similar to an old fashion vhs vcr, computers can record video. Using the record video option will record the live video stream to a file. The file is located in the my documents photos for your robot configuration. You can okay the video back from the file.

The recording start is not starting the camera. You cannot record before the camera has been started, hence the error.

What you want to use is CameraStart

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first of all, Thank you for your help secondly, I have one more question i tried to execute this code which is one of the examples codes in ARC and it is not working correctly all of the time it's execute the else statement and start again from start label asking " would you like to know todays date" even if my answer is "YES "NO" it doesn't execute the statements that belong to those phrases. so what's wrong?

Thank you again...


SayEZBWait("Would you like to know todays date?")

$response = WaitForSpeech(10, "Yes", "No")

print("Received: $response")

if ($response = "Yes") SayEZBWait("Today's date is " + $date) Halt() elseif ($response = "No") SayEZBWait("Okay, I will keep it a secret") Halt() elseif ($response = "cancelled") SayEZBWait("Cancelled") Halt() else SayEZBWait("Hello, is anyone there?") endif



I had a similar problem. The issue is the responses are all in lowercase. That is use yes and no not Yes and No