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Alexa New Build Dynamic Gadgets Games And Smart Toys Interface

I was just sent a update that Amazon alexa has a new interface for smart toys etc.  I think it may now be possible to create function rich plugin using this new interface.  The link to the news is What do others think about this new feature?

Hacking RF Transmitter Of A Child’S Ride On Car

I am wanting modify a RF remote control of child’s ride on toy car  to be send the control instructions from a EZ-Builder script. Before I start I want to know has anyone has done it and has any tips?
Are There Any Heating Issues If You Put A Complete Costume On JD

Are There Any Heating Issues If You Put A Complete Costume On JD

I looking a using JD in a preschool environment.  So I want to be able to put costumes on him.  I have found that the bear costumes fit....
Loomo By Segway

Loomo By Segway

I am about to receive a Loomo robot. I would like to know if there is any way of interfacing to it using a ez robot interface?

Desktop Displays

Hi, I have two displays connected to my computer. Can I have Desktop1 on one display and Desktop2 on another? I want to be able to have the video player on full screen in Desktop2 while still been able to have Desktop1 on the other screen.

Alternative To Speech Recognition As A Fail Safe Method

I am looking to use JD as an assistant in a comedy show I am doing for children. I know the children can create a lot of noise. Therefore I need to find the best fallback if speech recognition does not work. Is a keyboard shortcut the best alternative?

Alexa Gadget Toolkit

I noticed today Amazon announcement on the Alexa Gadget Toolkit. This may enable a easy interface to use Alexa with EZ-Robots. What do others think of the announcement. Alexa Gadget Toolkit info
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