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Control Usage, Cross Reference

This weekend I changed the name of my soundboard control and then searched through the project to find and update all the references. It occured to me that it might be fun to build something that showed the relationship of items. I could do this with a spreadsheet but is it possible to use whats built into EZ-Builder?

Show all the places that reference a sound control or a specific sound.
Show every reference to RGB Animation control or specific action.
Show every action that uses a specific frame.

Could this be as simple as a "find" function?
Does this exist somewhere that I haven't found?
Is there a plugin that does this?
Would it be possible to do this in a plugin?
Woukld the SDK be an option?



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You wouldn't need a plugin but would need some code. You would need to parse the XML that makes up the .EZB file that you want to find this information from. This would allow you to find all of the places that an MP3 file is used, or any other component like a script or whatever.

I would copy the file to a new file for processing. A plugin could be cool that lists off the information, but it could just as easily be a separate app that isn't embedded into ARC.
Use the learn section to find controls, and search. This is the control your want: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Help.aspx?id=184

We spent a great deal of effort creating the learn section, and documenting every ARC feature. Its easy to access by pressing "learn" from the top menu on this website. Have fun!
Yep, that gets close to what he was looking for. I think he wants to choose a script and then be able to do this, plus more information. He wants to choose a sound and then see what all references the sound. He wants to choose an action and see what all then uses that action.

This control works in the opposite direction. Take a script and see what all it calls. I think he was looking for the other way also. Take an action and then see where all it is used.
maybe all that would be liked is a category then a item drop downs that could be used as a filter.

Just thinking about what could make the control more useable.
DJ, I posted this thread to explore the possibilities of building a program or plugin that I would find useful. I hope it didn't sound critical of ARC as I think it's a great product and having fun using it.

I looked at the flow control but ruled it out for 2 reasons. 1. On my Surface laptop it's very hard to read because of font issues. (I realize that's a Windows issue), 2. I was looking for something text based and interactive.

Example 1: I'm splitting the Soundboard control into 2 controls, Music and Sound Effects. The Camera Click went to SoundEffects so I have to update all the references to Soundboard/track 3 to Sound Effect/track 0. It would be helpful to go somewhere to see all the places Soundboard/track 3 is referenced and follow it from the bottum up.

Example 2: I might want to delete an action from AutoPosition and delete the associated frames. Before I do that I would want to see if that frame is used anywhere else.

If you think of the Mobile App for JD there are over a dozen buttons that can have scripts with control commands for auto position, RGB animation, or sound. I don't see these in flow control.