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Continuous Sevro Iam Not Able To Adjust Speed

i need adjust speed on wheels to fast i set up speed control for each wheel it didnt . i was able to adjust on the std servo np not sure why the contiuous.. ty cory


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...Modified servos don't really have speed...

An extract of DJs reply to a similar issue the other day. Give the forum a search to find the post if you need more info.


yea after i posted it came to me yea really cant change it. no potomerter .:D


Hello !

Of course you can :)

Use the "custom movement panel" and use your modified servo like normal servo :

value 50 is "stop" value 51 is very low forward speed value 49 is very low reverse speed

55 medium forward speed 45 medium reverse speed

etc etc

To use different speed ,create a variable that call your desired speed $low $medium $fast

An example how i use the speed control with the variable "$cameraistracking" in "custom movement panel".(right command)

If camera do not track i use medium speed(not the full speed like regular modified servo movement panel) ,when camera track ,i use very low speed for better precision.

#Right Command speed control

You need some very little programming ,but yes ,you can have speed control with continous servo :D

note : for stop command ,prefer "Release" command than position 50 (center).


um iam using windows format until i get to know this platform easy version for now. but it work that way with one iam useing then to ty :D