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Continuous Servo Direction

I have a modified servo that is only spinning in one direction. Example, click forward, it rotates clockwise at one speed, then reverse, spins clockwise at a slower speed., Ive tried both a modified servo, and MS movement panel, as well as different ports, and releasing. Any thought?


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Most continous rotation servos have an adjustment screw. Does yours?


yes, and i adjusted it to slow it down a bit a few days ago. Maybe the cause? It's been working ok, but maybe vibration? I had it running around the house on a rover


K just set them back, and all ok:) Thanks DJ


To slow down the servo, change the settings in the movement panel. The values used to move the servo can be decreased or increased - depending on the direction speed you are changing.

The adjustment screw is not for changing the speed. The adjustment screw is for adjusting the nuteral (stop) position.

To adjust the speed, change the settings in the movement panel.


ACK! I did that because of a post i saw a few days ago when i was having a problem with the movement panel. One of the guys mentioned using the screw to slow them down. Lets say i wanted half the speed that they are set OEM, how would i set them? No matter what i try, i can get it, i get random results:(


LW Forward Ive tried setting to 120 and LW Reverse to 60. RW Forward Ive tried setting to 120 and RW Reverse to 60. Ive tried reversing the values, ive tried matching them. Pretty much every combo you can imagine, but nothing consistent.


I noticed that you have no ports selected for your Modified servo Panel - meaning, you have no servos specified so it will not work. As for selecting the ports for the servos, follow these instructions..

  1. locate free ports on your EZ-B

  2. connect the plugs from the servo to the two free ports of your ez-b. One for the left, and one for the right servo. Take notice to the polarity of the plugs. The GND is the black pins. Power is the RED pins.

  3. make note of what ports you connected them too

  4. visit the configuration dialog for Modified servo Movement Panel, such as you have screen shotted

  5. Click on the ports (currently where they say NA) and select the ports for your modified servos that you have connected to in step #2

*Note: when you press the button to select a port, a dialog will show you a picture of the ez-b. For more information, you can visit the LEARN section

I use these values for the Rider robot - which you can find in the EZ-Cloud AppStore...

User-inserted image


Thanks DJ, I was mid-post and got called away on a family emergency. The default screen was the first and a starting point, then the next was going to be very similar to your with how the servos were acting with new settings.
When i open a panel all is ok, but a little fast. I used these setting above, on a new set up and only a SMP.

Forward button: Right wheel full speed forward, Left wheel slow reverse Left Button: Right wheel full speed forward, slow reverse Reverse button: Right wheel full speed forward, fast reverse Right button: Right wheel full speed forward, fast reverse

When i adjusted the potentiometer, i noticed one was layed back and difficult to get to, so i took it apart and noticed some silicone on the connections. So carefully moved it back into position then reassembled.

So im assuming now, my issue is because ive played with the pot, and simply need to find 0. How can i do this? Searching the forums now fora similar issue.


I actually don't know the answer to that - never have adjusted the pot before... Have you adjusted the pot on both servos?


No that was a first. I've got it back to where i was before touching them, but still have the issue of seemingly random control as i move the min and max closer to 90.


What do you mean by random control?

If the servos are back to stock (as from factory), the values that I pasted in my image will work for a slower speed.

Perhaps I am not understanding what you are doing. Are you asking to slow the servos down?


Yes, just slow things down a bit so the ping sensor can oscillate in time before moving to far a distance and have time to change direction. I just set these setting into the SMP and both servos move in the same direction, regardless of which control is selected, they just spin at different speeds depending on the direction.

User-inserted image


The numbers do not need to be uniform. This is because a servo is not a regular DC motor. I don't think they can ever be uniform (Between forward, reverse and each side). If the pots are changed as well, it will make it more difficult to be closer to uniform values.

Instead, change each value until you get them right. It takes time, but once it is done, you're done:)


Certainly makes sense!:) Especially after getting in there with and playing around with the pots. Sort of had the blinders on trying to stay uniform.

Thanks for taking the time DJ:)