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Continuous Rotating Servos

Hello all

Anyone have any idea the amount of weight the continuous servos sold on this site can move around easily?

Thanks ... Herr


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Small robots , 1 to 3 pounds depending on.wheels used and drag. If your concerned nd want to.use servos , stop by pololu.com and get power HD 1501mg servos and modify them for continuous rotation (its easy). Those servos are 20 bucks but have 240 oz in torque (ez robot servos are about 45 oz), plenty to move around a small to med size bot. Maybe 15 pounds or so , that kind of torque is a lot.
User-inserted image

User-inserted image
if using 2 servo's it doubles the carrying torque
any servo can turn it to a continuous servo,just by removing the pot and adding two 2.5 k resistors
5k divide by 2 = 2.5 k ,you need the pot in the center,can leave the pot in,but need to adjust it to center,second need to remove the plastic or metal pin on the gear attach to pot
much online info on how to do this *blush*
Your right about torque being doubled as long as both servos are running , some people use two wheel skid steering though , nice info on the resistors , I need some of those.
two wheel skid steering is still the same,torque will be doubleonly if using one servo with 2 wheels torque will not be double
much much info on the internet on how to modify a servo
this one here has a schematic of a common S3003 servo

but main link to modify it for continuous operation

MODIFY A servo for continuous

also about resistors doesnt need to be 2.5k ,just 2 matched near that value
so the voltage is at half point for the comparator in the chip
can use two 5k too