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How do you contact an individual member? I need information on a specific development? Lt. Commander Data's child "Lal" My latest project which is powered by a EZB4, is a re-creation of Lt. Commander Data's android daughter Lal. It is based on Star Trek, The Next Generation, season 3:16 "The Offspring". She is intended to be a Humanoid house robot with less degrees of freedom movement from my previous robot Captain AnnDroid.


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osmond1114, I am glad to share information, and will try to help you. Steve S


I am building a Humanoid Assistive robot; because this robot is to "live in the home" it needs to have the look of yours; and similar in height with interchangeable faces. I would add a small PC to the chest so the patient can conference with others including the patients' physician. My assistant connects to Microsoft's windows Azure for its analytics. Need guidance on the making how you
created yours.


osmond1114, It is a noble idea to create a Humanoid medical robot, and I understand the benefit. I used a lightweight 43 ½ child mannequin, and added 5 degrees of freedom not counting the base. Lal’s head uses 3 D.O.F., and 2 for her arms. The EZ Robot camera is located in her eyebrow. The drive base is an IRobot Create which uses serial commands documented in IRobot Open Interface. The Create has been replaced by Create 2. I am not sure about what you mean about interchangeable faces, maybe boy ,girl, wig? I think the lightweight is a positive. Wish you the best with your goal of Humanoid Assistive Robot. Steve S

Lal body


To save time on my side are you interested in licensing or working with me in transforming your existing files with modifications. I respect what you have and I want to reward you. I want to have the hardware development done at a central provider since I want to develop a commercial product. We want to work with smart home providers like Verizon, AT&T, and Comcast to connect to the smart home. If you can suggest a path that you are comfortable with let me know. As a Microsoft business partner, I am using their health Vault database to store the patient data.


Not taking anything away from Steve's excellent work on Lal or his other robots but.... The real magic of life happens behind the scene in the coding DJ has done and the development of ARC. If you're looking for the imagination and genius behind the building of the robot and how it acts and interacts with people and with the software then Steve's your man. If you're looking for the operating system that brings it to life then DJ and EZ Robot is the place to ask for help.

Steve, if this takes off for you then cragulations my friend. You have a keen mind for designing robots with personalities that people warm up to and love. ;)


osmond1114, Thank you for your interest in my robot. At this point of my life, I wish to maintain my health, and remain a Hobby Roboticist having fun. My robots are hand fabricated and require lots of time to build. I have concerns about liability being it would involve a commercial product. There are people in the community much more talented on coding. My advice is to try building a platform that would lend itself towards your ideas. A lightweight inexpensive body gives you something to start with, build on, and perform test mounting of your hardware. You have a great idea of building a Humanoid Assistive Robot, and I wish you the best.

Dave, Thank you for your comments, and I agree EZ Robot is a great operating system that can bring ideas to life. Steve S


Osmond, continue using this thread for communication with Steve on this subject. Do not create new threads on the same subject. We like to keep organized. Thanks!


Steve S Can you share with me the following:

  1. Did you make your mannequin or did you purchase one and modify it?
  2. How did you attach the I-Robot? can you share pictures?

osmond1114, Yes, I purchased Lal’s mannequin body and modified it adding servos and aluminum hardware. Post#4 has a link for the body, I can take more pictures tomorrow that you requested. Steve S


osmond1114, I added photos to my project that you requested. Steve S


Thanks, Steve I purchased a mannequin and will begin working on it. I want to add the I-Robot so I can move it around. Hope I do not have a weight problem. How did you add yours? Thanks for your help. Happy Thanksgiving all.