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Do you have any datasheets or links?

Without datasheets it's pretty much impossible to say how to connect anything up.

As for the RC Car, search the forums, there are topics which cover these. Depending on the car and how it works will depend on if you need to use multiple h-bridges, servos etc.
@ankit. Just chiming in since I am familiar with this arduino accessory. The signal wire is a trigger , when that sees 5v signal it will power your laser on. You get this signal from the digital pin. When there is no signal the laser will be off. The VCC is 5 volt regulated supply constant. Ground is just that , ground to battery. On EZB V3 you can use the 5 volt power pin and ground for this accessory. This class laser diode does not draw a lot of power.

These modules are sometimes use for making small battle tank robots that shoot lasers at each other.
@Rich here are the datasheets,

1) Laser
link: http://dx.com/p/arduino-650nm-laser-sensor-module-black-137473

Model N/A
Quantity 1
Color Black
Material PCB
Features Working voltage: 5V, wavelength: 650nm
Application Arduino DIY part
Packing List 1 x Laser module

2) Laser Module
link: http://dx.com/p/6mm-5mw-650nm-red-laser-diode-dc-5v-150906

Model 81817
Quantity 1
Color Golden
Material Copper
Features Diameter: 6mm; Power: 5mW; Wavelength: 650nm; Working voltage: DC 5V
Application For DIY project
Packing List 1 x Laser diode

3) RC Car

link: http://hobbyhobby.com/store/product/349243/58024-1-10-Slash-2WD-Short-Course-2.4GHZ/

@jstame1 That makes sense, what I was more worried about is the difference between the read to go arduino compatible module that has signal indicator and the second laser module just by itself as it only has + and - connection.