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Connection Robosapien V2 2005 Et 2006

Do you know where and how make connection to the WowWee Robosapien V2 to connect the output D1 EZ Card.

thank you,

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the pictures, the yellow on pin5 ???

thank you,

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
I wonder if there are two versions of the board? or using two different wiring colors.

Trace the Blue and Yellow wire - see which one goes to the IR Receivers and let me know. Curious
Did you resolve which one should be used or is it trial and error type ?
atleast tree diff kind off excist for a v2.
There were too many robosapien versions. These old wowwee robots were a nightmare to support because there were a dozen hardware versions. Support for the RoboSapien and RoboQuad was dropped in the EZ-B v4.

The date is displayed in posts - this post is 2 years old. These old style robots are out dated and replaced with newer servo powered robots:)
Is there any chance that you guys would consider releasing the info you used to add support for the wowwee products in the v3 SDK and controller? That is to say, in case some of us who don't have a logic analyzer handy want to bypass the LED sensor's wire?

We have no plans to support any robots that require "hacking", such as the Robosapien or RoboQuad - this is due to our past experience with the v3 controller attempting to support the dozens of hardware versions of these robots. Because these toys were not made to be hacked, there were dozens of hardware revisions, each incompatible with the another.

This is the exact reason we created EZ-Robot Revolution - we made a product that works 100%, reliable, easy to use, standardized and very customizable.