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Connection Question - Revisited

I reQUEST assistance on the following issue:

Hi all. I have a similar challenge to the recent request about connectivity issues, except I want to STAY in ad hoc mode ! We want to take the bots out of the lab and onto the streets, ala Spider Dog (check out the YouTube video), so we want to control the bots without routers i.e. ad hoc.

We have 2 laptops that connect ad hoc and 3 desktops that will not. Yeah, so laptops; what's the problem? Well, we'd like to know what causes the issue so we know we could use any laptop to control the bots.

If the bot's wifi circuitry is not responding to all ad hoc requests (as DJ questions) and it's he wifi dongle, what's a make/model that people know work that we might use as the main connection point for any desktop? Is there a possibility other circuitry, perhaps a replacement to the wifi circuitry currently being used, might resolve this random issue?

We taking 'em to the streets! Any help figuring this one out will be appreciated.



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I'm sorry, I do not understand your question. I believe you are asking how to put the EZ-B in adhoc mode? If so, press reset button to reset your ez-b to factory defaults which is ADHOC. Next, connect to your robot through the computer or mobile device.

The LEARN section is a good place for you to start learning how to use your EZ-Robot:) have fun!


I'm with @DJ Sures on this one.

If your not talking about what he is , maybe you can phase the question different.


Sorry to be unclear. When resetting to ad hoc mode some of our computers cannot connect to the bots, although we see them listed in our wireless network list. The msg is basically "Windows could not connect." I've tried changing security from None to WEP to WPA to WPA2. I've tried N mode and no N mode. We cannot get a connection on some machines, although we've been successful with other machines.

So what I'm asking for is the name/brand of wireless USB adapters I can buy that are known to connect to the ez-robots. I would like to test the connection with a known adapter; see it I can connect with one of our laptops first and then move the adapter to a unit which has NOT succeeded in connecting with it's built-in wireless circuitry.

To summarize: the issue is that some of our machines cannot connect to the bots in ad hoc mode. Since I don't know what the problem is, the next troubleshooting step I'd like to take is to use a known successful wireless adapter to make the connection.

Let me know if I'm still talking Martian . . .




Are the machines that can't connect HP? EZ-Robots is investigating an issue where some (all?) HP computers can't connect in AP mode.

Almost any other brand Wifi dongle should work.

Here is one from a vendor I have had good luck with:


However, before investing in that, check if you have Avast Anti-Virus running on those machines. Its firewall has proved to be problematic with EZ-B.



Are your PCs you are having connection troubles with happen to be HP by any chance? EZ Robot is aware of connection issues some users are having with their HP computers and are working on a solution....


LOL... Alan you beat me to it.... For an apparent self admitted old guy, you still got some speed.... ;)


If they are indeed HP computers, we are still looking into the issue with both HP and our WiFi module manufacturer. It seems that an sometimes a wifi adapter update on the HP sides solves the issue but other times it doesn't. We are also currently testing WiFi USB adapters that we can recommend.


@Dmarks2061 told me one is a Gateway DX4860-US20P with built in WIFI. Windows 7 home premium 64 bit. The other is a ZT what ever that is and running Windows 7 home premium 64 bit. This one has a WIFI adapter. WIFI Adapter


Since the board seems anxious to mark this issue resolved (mandatory by terms of use indeed), whether it is or not, let me give the following kudos:

First, thank you to thetechguru for actually listing an alternative wifi adapter which we will try. Then a thanks to Richard R for making comments, even though he wasn't faster than the 'old guy'. And a special thank you to Jeremie for letting me know this is a known issue that y'all (Texan) are working with.

This is a great community! Thanks for all your help.