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Connecting To PC And EZB

Probably over thinking this but looking to connect my mini PC to my EZB and VNC into the mini PC. Do I need to set the EZB into client mode to do this? Also will the mini PC need a second wifi adapter?

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If you're going to have the computer onboard with the robot, you can benefit from a direct USB connection.

However, if the robot and the computer are in the same room, then you'd need to put the EZ-B in client mode and connect it to the same WiFi network as the PC. You won't need two network adapters for that.

EZ-Robot has a good tutorial (starring yours truly) for the EZ-B Wifi modes here: https://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Lesson/15?courseId=4
So if I were to use the USB method to connect to the EZB. Could I still VNC into the mini PC without using the internet? Maybe turn the mini PC into a AP to connect?
You will need an internet connection if your robot is outside of WiFi range for a direct connection. 

However, if you’re pc won’t have a screen and that’s the reason for vnc, then yah all you need to do is put the pc in ap mode.