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Connecting To More Than One Camera

Now I have my second EZ-Kit and EZ-Camera I'm toying with the idea of using 2 cameras in my build, or possibly one PC using 2 cameras in 2 robots.

But, the problem seems to be that both show up as Windows Video Device in the dropdown when two are installed. I can select one of them and it'll work fine but selecting the other is not selectable (or at least when it's selected it jumps back to the first one and displays a black screen).

Both cameras display fine in AmCap so I know both cameras work.

Has anyone else tried this? And was it successfully?

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I have successfully had two totally different cameras working at once, a direct USB and the EZ B wireless, so that part works (in fact, it was one of those amazing upgrades DJ completed a day or two after I mentioned how I wanted two cameras).


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I think the problem lies with both being listed with the same name, and typically windows doesn't make it easy to rename a device.


I have plans to make a stereo type webcam design using a slave master/design ,only usiing hardware ,no software,using special video combiner chip and with sync both together,does need a mod to one camera besides the what called a gen-lock SYSTEM and one clock on webcam feed to second webcam

its a little hard to explain the circuit without a schematic,its for my johnny five project

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Don't get confused, that isn't what I am asking for at all and it should not become the focus in this topic, please don't distract from the original point in the topic.

It looks like there may be a slight issue with ARC when two devices with the same name are used in the camera control. Hopefully @DJ has spotted this post and will look in to it (I'm sure he has and will when time allows) or post on how to get around it.

Until then it would need to be a case of renaming one of the two (or more) devices in Windows as a work around which is not exactly as simple as right clicking on it and choosing a rename option...


I'll figure something out:)


DJ we know you will ,you are the master at it Making it stereo is too hard in software without a hardware design


What's the status of running two or more EZ-Camers?

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Well I haven't been successful in it and few (if any) updates since this topic was last updates. So waiting patiently, it'll come when it comes but there are more pressing matters to deal with:)


I was able to run two Ez-Cameras in two ARC windows on my PC.

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Two of the exact same camera? Two different cameras works fine, my issue is they both have the same name and it's as though ARC gets confused as to which is which.


Yes, two exact Ez-Cameras with Wireless Video Device, You have to have the first camera plug in first and on the first ARC than open up the second ARC than plug in the second EZ-Camera. Thats how I did it.


WILL have to try it,i need it for my johnny five project Will have to use 2 EZB witch i dont care for to much,but since i need a lot of digital prts and analog ports and multiplex design may not work for that project.

But might still use it since,i have 26 servo's plus using 16 analog ports and still using more then 12 digital ports and dont have the room first for a 3 EZB and speed will be a problem too

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I'll have to try that at some point but running 2 instances of ARC is not acceptable for my project, neither is having to unplug one of the dongles each time the project is loaded.


try to rename the second camera. it's fairly forgiving.

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You can't rename a device in Windows... Well you can but you can't do it easily, I wouldn't suggest it as a solution for anyone who is not very tech savvy.


I find it easy.


new tutorial for my website!