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Connecting To Jd Questions

Thanks for all the help with battery charger.
We have a new charger and it DID charge the battery. Now onto the next issue we are having. Whenever I try to connect my JD to my computer hardly anything works. I have been connecting it to my computer and then ARC just like in the tutorial video.
When I connect to ARC it makes the connecting sound, the eyes start spinning, and the left hand (from my point of view) hand opens up but that’s all that works. The camera screen is blank and if I try to configure any of the motors within ARC nothing happens. All help is appreciated.

I am hoping we are just missing something easy and someone here may know what it is and the robot is not defective. Adding a video to show what happens, hope it helps.



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First of all, everyone will advise you to follow the Tutorials, have you done that? Click on start in the Camera control to start the camera, Do you have any scripts for the robot to perform?


I just hit start on the camera and it does work, thanks. Yes i have followed the tutorials. what do you mean by scripts?


looks like a few things. It'll be easy:) Great job assembling him, you're almost there!

  1. The connection tutorial mention that you need to connect to JD while he is lying down. That is important because he can jerk when initializing and fall over and break. but that isn't the issue - however, it does state that the tutorial needs to be followed. Here is a direct link to connecting to JD:

  2. The tutorial for the gripper has not been followed on his RIGHT hand. The gripper is wide open, meaning it has not been calibrated. Here is the direct link to that tutorial for you:

  3. The arm servos are not assembled correctly, as they are backward. See all photos on the website of JD. The front of the servos are facing the front of the robot. (i.e. you have the white which is the back facing the front).

  4. I believe the plugs are not connected correctly to the EZ-B for the servos. When you firsts connect the software to JD, he will move into the CALIBRATION position. In your video, he is not moving into any position. Check the direction of the plugs connected to the EZ-B. The BLACK must line up with the BLACK on the EZ-B. The connections are colored coded for your convenience. Think of when connecting speakers to your home theater speakers, BLACK connects to BLACK. If you need a photo, let me know and i'll take one. The only servo that appears to be connected correctly is the GRIPPER and it hasn't been calibrated (see resolution #2).

So, check those items and he'll be rock'n in no time!


Thanks, i tried to recalibrate and rewired all the servos. I also fixed the arm servos. I then connected the JD to EZ- Builder and it just went all weird. the arms and legs went in all different directions. I finally just calibrated the JD after it went into it's calibration mode since i new what it was supposed to look like. Now when it goes into calibration mode it looks like it should.

Thanks for the help, now that it's working right it is really cool! I just need to keep adjusting the minor calibrations in order to get it to stand up on it's own.