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Connecting Sabertooth 2X25

Does anyone have a wiring diagram to connect Sabertooth 2x25 to a Dagu Thumper 6x6?
I have it connected, but it will only go frontwards and backwards, No left or right at all.


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Hi @CeberHard,

It's likely your sabertooth might be in a different mode than you expect.

Check out the http://www.dimensionengineering.com/datasheets/Sabertooth2x25.pdf and change the jumper settings to select the mode you need. Other users here will be able to let you know which specific one to use if you are still having issues. I have used the 2x25 in the past but I don't remember exactly the mode I used.

What are you using for control by the way, an EZ-script?
thanks. I've tried all the different settings, but am not sure I have it wired correctly. I can't find a wiring diagram for the Sabertooth to the ez. I was using a generic joystick to drive it.
United Kingdom
Have a read of this topic, hopefully it helps.

Basically the sabertooth is in serial mode so only requires one digital signal connection to the EZ-B and a common ground. If the dip switches are set correctly for simple serial it should work using the sabertooth control in ARC.

Check your numbers in the control, this topic may be of use to you too.
The Changes to the dip switches made no difference. Still looking for a wiring diagram. I know it has to work. It works with an r/c controller.
United Kingdom
A wiring diagram is in this topic

User-inserted image

Basically, connect the signal pin to S1 and have a common ground.

And make sure you set the dip switches to put it in simple serial mode.
@cenerhard hey drop dimension engineering a line in their email contact. They respond fairly quick. I have one of these controllers they are programmable and have a serialized connection too.