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Connecting Jd With Ipad Application


is there a way to program an iPad application using Xcode to make it connect with JD? like for example; i have done an EZ-Script that makes JD tell a story and i added an audio also in that story. i want to click a button on my iPad application that will make JD tell the story. so is there a way to establish such kind of connection between JD and the iPad application?

thank you:)


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thank you very much! I'm looking forward to share my project with you guys!:)

however; the project i'm working on requires a custom application for specific functionalities that can be achieved using Xcode. but the problem is that i can't imagine how this application will be able to play and stop scripts that i made with the ARC for windows laptop. especially; that i'm using mac laptop to program the application on Xcode. confused


It won't be able to play and stop the scripts created with ARC native with XCode. XCode is a programming language created by Apple Corp. The closest method you could do is create a parser for the Auto Position scripts.

Otherwise, you can create a mobile app using the mobile interface builder, here is the manual: https://synthiam.com/Support?id=196

I can provide some direction with parsing data with XCode - if you can tell me a bit about your app goal. What are you liking it to do, etc.. Who will be using it, etc?


it is a senior project for university. the project is called: IPIA that stands for Intelligent Parenting Interactive Assistant. that consists of a robot (JD), mobile application for caregivers and parents (iPhone), and a screen attached to the robot (iPad). the robot helps parents and caregivers in taking care of their children by playing various educational, physical, and entertainment games with them. the iPad is used to allow children to interact with the robot. the parent will set a schedule using the iPhone application and this schedule will be stored in a database where the iPad can read the schedule from this database and play games as scheduled.


That is really great!

How far have you gotten with the XCode development? Because I'd like to recommend you try Xamarin instead.

The reason is Xamarin works on both iOS and Android with "mostly" the same code base. ALSO, Xamarin is compatible with the EZ-Robot project to create a native app. I can assist you on this thread to port your ARC application to a stand alone Xamarin app.

Take a look at Xamarin first and get the environment up and running - so you can compile an app. Once you're familiar and comfortable using Xamarin, we can give you a few pointers on moving the ARC project to it


thank you very much for your help!:) i will look further into it as you said. and i will let you know about any new updates. thanks again :D


@ptp but will i be able to start and stop scripts within the iPad application if i made a TCP client between Xcode on mac and ARC on windows 10 ?


@DJ Sures hello i was learning about xamarin in the past few weeks; can you please teach me how i can port ARC app to a stand alone app on xamarin to create a native app for JD? thank you! :)


hello: can you build for us a custom humanoid robot similar to the JD-humanoid robot but with different materials?:D because the current material doesn't help us in our project so could you help us to build a new custom body, we will pay for it. Thank you:)