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Connecting A Wii Balance Board

I'm just finishing an example Python script for wiimotes.
Has anyone had success in connecting a balance board?
I can successfully connect a wiimote using "EZ_B.WiimoteLib.Wiimote.Connect", but this does not appear to work for the balance board.
Looking through the provided XML list of commands and the .dll info, I can't find a connection command for the balance board.
Any ideas?


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I've never tried a balance board. The code is there, but haven't seen if it actually works. That why ARC doesn't have a module for it... At least not yet:)

Ill add it to the very long list of things to do
Have you ever thought about sending sound to the Wiimote? It would be a great way to get feedback from a robot.

For the Wiimote, I have rumble working in Python, and the four IR points, as well as the accelerometers.

It's an amazingly sophisticated input device, considering you can pick them up on Ebay for $10.
I have tried but can't find any reference code