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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Connecting 2 Ezb's To A Mobile App

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone. I thought I would start out the year by creating a Mobile App for my InMoov - finally. I've got most off it figured out but I need to connect to 2 EZB's to run the robot - no luck.
Is it possible to connect to 2 EZB's on a mobile app? If so, I need some help setting that up.


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Are you asking about connecting both ez-b's to the phone? Because that would require them to either be both connected to your network or one in ad-hoc and the other connecting to it in client. As for actual compatibility with the mobile app and multiples, I am unsure.
Mobile app can only support one connection. Mobile devices are much less powerful than computers. This is a magnitude difference, not a small amount. It has to do with processor differences between pcs and mobile devices. The speed may appear competitive, but the difference is in the architecture.
Ok, thanks, DJ. Also should the sound from a SayEZB command come thru the EZB or thru my iPad? Right now it only comes thru the iPad.
How are you currently hooking up to the 2 EZB-4s at the same time? You may be able to do the same thing using a Windows tablet. Though you will probably still need a WiFi setup of some kind for everything to connect to.
Comes through the device speaker. There isn't enough processing capability to output synthesized speech. Both iOS and android do not offer the ability to output synthesized speech. This is a hardware limitation. The processors that mobile devices use are limited in comparison to pcs. This Is inherit to their physical design. As many of you notice, the cost between a PC and mobile device is significantly different and size as well. It's all cost related. Which converts to operating capabilities.