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Connect To My Cloud And Use The Virtual Machine?

Hello, the intelligent and friendly people in the forum!

Based on my understanding, Most of processing of ez-robot is going on in PC rather than the ezb v4 itself, such as voice recognition... The ezb is more like a controller which can receive the instructions sent from the PC, providing feedback and then understand and execute those instructions.

Right? Please correct me if I am wrong.

Now I am building my own project with ezb. My goal is to build a relatively more autonomous and remote-controlled robot. :) My plan is to connect the ezb to my cloud, and make the virtual machine on the cloud replace the PC, communicating with ezb. Currently, I am reading and studying code in C# SDK, to prepare for my plan.

So is it feasible to connect ezb with my cloud? Has anyone done this? What steps should I pay attention to?

Best, Robocen :P:P

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Welcome to the forum. What you want to do is how ezrobot works. Simply load your ARC software on any PC or cloud based vm. Type in the IP address of your robot and it just works.

Doesn't matter where your PC/vm is, or where your robot is. That's the great thing about tcp/ip protocol that the Internet is designed around. It just works:)

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@DJ Sures

The problem is that the robots IP address is an internal IP address "". Difficult to connect to it from outside. Does your SDK support domain name? Thanks a lot


All software using tcp/ip protocol supports domain names because it's not the client that matters. The IP address is assigned to the ezb by a dhcp server - this would be your router. The IP address would no longer be the one you referenced. There are two modes the ezb can be in, client or AP. There are tutorials in the learn section how to change modes.

The ezb (or any tcp client) has no say in the matter of the host & domain name. That's done by your dns server, if you go that route.

that part is up to you, not ezrobot. The Internet is a much larger organization than ezrobot, and therefore you will have to use the internets rules for domain name registration - such as godaddy.com or similar.

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basically you will need:

  1. SOHO router

1.1) Configure a fixed IP (e.g. for your EZB, you will need to know the EZB macaddress, you can obtain that : 1.1.1) on your router/wireless client list 1.1.2) connect your EZB, search the EZB via ARC, ping the EZB controller and then run the windows console command "arp -a" you will see a list of ips / macaddresses.

1.2) Configure PAT (Port address translation) for the EZB and the EZB camera similar to these: outside port / inside port / inside IP 30001 / 23 / 30002 / 24 /

Note: my advise is to use different ports (30001, 30002) not the original ports (23, 24). Ports below 1024 are considered special/privileged, on *nix systems you need root access to those ports, because of that most DOS attacks try to scan and exploit those ports.

1.3) Configure a DDNS (Dynamic DNS) hostname, you will need a DDNS provider e.g. http://dyn.com/remote-access/

after that you will have something like my-secret-lab.dyndns-ip.com pointing to your SOHO router.

  1. EZB

configure client mode. If point 1 has done your EZB IP should be

  1. Virtual Machine @ Cloud

run ARC, connect to my-secret-lab.dynsns-ip.com:30001

Now you are operating your EZB from the cloud !

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That's very nice of you. Your information is of great help to me.

I am so happy that the forum can have guys like you.

Thanks! :)