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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Connect To Ar Drone From Script?

Hello EZ-robot people!

I was searching the web for an EZ builder script command, that will enable me to connect to the AR Drone from within a script, but could not find how to do it.

Any ideas?



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There isn't one - you currently have to press the "connect" button manually. The rest of the AR Drone commands are programmatic, except Connect.
@aameralis, we are currently working on other great amazing things, so the support to the AR Drone 2.0 is not currently being worked on. Don't worry though, I promise everything else that is getting all of our attention is well worth it :D

@roineust I think DJ was able to provide you with your answer, could you mark this thread as solved if that is the case? Thanks!
South Africa
does the AR Drone 2.0 work on the scrip for the AR Drone v1.0
South Korea
hey guys. the new ARC how to connect Ar drone 2.0. So I have a ARC update vision 2014.02.03.

*sleep* *sleep* *sleep*

I am being bombed with requests to mark this forum question as resolved, although i have tried to mark it again and again as resolved!

These emails, that i get from you again and again, to my email address as well as to my facebook email, are really annoying and it has been going on like this, for almost a year now !

I am relating to this here forum question above: " Connect To Ar Drone From Script? "

Please correct the situation immediately and make your bot stop bombing me with these "mark as resolved" email requests!

Thank you!
Roi Neustadt.
United Kingdom
Mark the questions as resolved to stop the emails.
There is also an option to turn off email notifications in your settings on the site (near the bottom on the right, just above the avatar option).

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