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Resolved Resolved by Perry_S!

Configure Arduino Neopixel Ring

Hello all,

it’s been to long since I setup a Arduino uno with a neopixel ring.  I looked at David Cochran’s tutorial But keeps failing.  Is they a new version of Arduino to use and the scripts?

i believe Perry May know the steps, but if anyone else knows please share details.  I’m will be using the iotiny to control the .neopixel rings.  Idealy  I world like to use one Arduino uno to control two ring at the same time.

thanks in advance everyone.

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Hi Merne,
Which part is not working here? Are the sketches uploading to the Arduino correctly? Does it just not work? Happy to help but need some more info. I know there were some dependencies ion the tutorial but I thought it had been updated.
#2   — Edited

I jumped the gun requesting help.  After walking away from the Ardinuo and found the Correct code that David C. Wrote, I was able to get everything working.   FYI, it was the other code that was giving me the Ardinuo errors.    

I don’t think I can delete this post so I marked it solved.  Unless DJ can delete this post?

Thanks for willing to help!

edited:  This is the link I used for the sketch code, https://synthiam.com/Docs/Skills/Misc/Neopixel-Ring?id=16158

However, I followed the directions on this link to get my Ardinuo uno and neopixel ring working except  using the script code in the link below.


again thanks Perry!
Great, glad you got it working.