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Compatible Ssc-32 Controllers

I was reviewing the threads discussing the use of a SSC-32 controller to add an additional 32 servo (analog) ports. My question is if there are any specific boards that builders have had success with other than the Lynxmotion? I am looking at the following board on eBay and was wondering if it would work with EZB v4/2? (Note that the description was poorly translated into English.)

- - - - - - DESCRIPTION - - - - - - -

Can be controlled using UART 32 road, the need to have a USB to TTL line, support SSC - 32 foreign software and control code, small volume, can drive high power steering gear (995996), can also cooperate with the arduino

EEPROM = 24 lc256p
CPU speed = 14.7456 M
Serial port baud rate = TTL, 2400960 0,38.4 K, 115.2 K, 8 1 N
Output = 32 road (servo or TTL)
Input = 4 (static or atresia, analog or digital)
Current requirements = 10 a (specific to provide their steering current)
= 180 ° steering Angle
Steering Angle resolution = 1 microsecond, 0.09 °
Steering gear speed resolution = 1 microseconds per second

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I recommend two ezbs instead of this controller. You’ll find the data communication flooding by adding more ports to a single ezb with an expansion like this.

Don’t get me wrong - some people have done that by using the ssc32 controller. I find it to be a little unstable as well.

For the price of a cheap knock off ssc32, you can always give it a shot!
I'll soon have three EZ-B 4's so it just makes better sense to go that route!