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Compatible Cameras

Can anyone give me info on what cameras are compatible with Ezb 3 and Ezb 4. Need wireless usb camera for Ezb3 and what camera connects to Ezb4.


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What was the model wireless camera you were having issues with? And what Windows version where you running it in?

I don't know this to be true, but I "think" at minimum any windows compatible camera running at least 640x480 should work.

I really liked the little wireless cameras that came with the v3 EZB kits, but I can't find a single retailer that carries them anymore. Every source I had shows out of stock with no ETA for it ever being in stock again. stress


Windows 7 Home premium edition. The camera I purchased on Ebay.No brand name 2.4GHz 50mW Color Mini Wireless Security Camera PC Based USB DVR Receiver Kit. It workds with the software they sent me..But get error from EZB....DJ said that the video resolution not compatible..So what is compatible to replace the original EZB3 camera. And what camera to use for EZB4 since EZ robot does not sell one on their site?


We exclusively support our custom EZ-B v4 Camera because it is absolutely amazing:). We created our own camera because everything else out there was either inconsistent with compatibility or too high of latency.

ARC will still allow you to select windows compatible cameras, but because majority of USB cameras are made by unknown Chinese manufacturers, etc... we are unable to commit to supporting all of them. Instead, it was easy for us to make our own camera than to support all of the cameras we come across:)

The EZ-B v4 Camera will be available with a Wi-Fi connectivity add-on in August 2014 for v3 users


@DJ Shures

I would love to know of any information connecting a wireless camera to the EZ-B V4 or EZ-B IoTiny. I would love to place a camera inside my robots head but it must be wireless because the head is detached from the rest of the body.


I'm not @Dj but I can recommend using the EZ-Robot Camera as it natively attaches to either of those controllers and becomes wireless.


Thanks Jeremie for the recommendation, I have picked up one of the EZ robot cams but because the EZ-B controller needs to be in the robot body and I wanted the camera in the head the wired cam will not work. To explain my robot project, I am building a full size BB-8 and although I can get wireless power into the head it’s the camera signal that’s been a mystery. Unless I can somehow have a EZ-B IoTiny in the head that somehow can deal with the video processing and talk to the other EZ-B controller in the body.

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No prob. Yes, since ARC can connect to multiple EZ-Bs you can have one IoTiny+Camera in the head sending the camera images and an EZ-Bv4 controlling the rest of the Robot. You would need to set up the EZ-Bs in client mode.


Could you also use a camera extension cable to run the camera to the head? The cable can be meters long. Distance will not be an issue


True, an extension cable would be good in some of my other robots, but BB-8 is particular tricky because his head floats on the outside of the body unit and has no way of having a physical connection for wires. Thats why the wireless camera is so important to the design, or as Jeremie pointed out using the IoTiny+Camera in the head and in ARC connecting that controller with the body controller to share information. Not quite sure how to go about designing the overall system for the two controllers to talk or at-least have the head take commands from the body unit. I might start a new thread to discuss figuring out the controller system.


Arc can connect to 255 different ezb controllers at the same time. One of your controllers can be in the head for the camera. The other can be in the body for the rest


I suggest using an io tiny for the head and a regular ezb for the bottom part so you dont have to worry about much


DJ Sures you can use the ezb camera on the ezb v3?!


You cannot use any camera with the ezrobot ezb v3


Actually who uses the ezb 3 anymore


Ez robot made the v4 because it was better in every way


Even the io tiny puts the v3 to shame


I actually used an io tiny on a robot that was meant to be designed with a v3 but it was a boxbot so I used the servos I could and then I added the voltage regulators and then a new camera and new wheels and then I got the 2020 version of the boxbot.


Once the io microscopic comes out I might use it on microscopic robots