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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Communications Error Ez-B V4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller

When my new EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller is powered up the on board voice says "Communication Error" over and over, Pushing the reset does not reset the controller. "No Wi-Fi" signal, no connection to router. Anyone else have this problem and fix or should I file a return claim?


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Try taking the boards out of the case and have a look at where the pins connect between the top and bottom boards. Maybe one was misaligned and didn't into the hole when they were assembled at the factory.
Oh, apologies - i misunderstood the post and thought this was a comm v.2/x upgrade.

Are any LED's on the EZ-B lighting?

You visited the EZ-B v4 page and configured it to connect to your router?
Your EZ-B v4 has been operational for a number of connections. The communication board appears to not be functioning any longer. The last successful connection you made was at 12/23/2016 12:52:00 PM.

You can open the EZ-B v4 and look inside to ensure the magnets did not come loose and is causing a short to the COMM board.
Thank You for suggesting, I am not afraid of opening but being less thank a week since receiving my order would it void warranty as unauthorized user access to the internals?
You would have to open it because it is no longer functioning and was indeed functioning. Electrical circuits rarely stop functioning, as there are no moving parts. Warranty on a once-functioning electrical component will require opening a ticket with ezrobot support staff. If you connected something incorrect or accidentally shorted the pins, the comm board can be replaced.

In the meantime, open the case and ensure the magnets are still securely fastened and we'll go from there.
Dj just got your post, will open in morning per your post tonight, and post when done. Thanks ??
That's interesting DJ. EZ-Robot can tell when we use the hardware/software?
All magnet's (4) still glued in position. Did a test after putting all components completely back together and still have communication error. Test same as video no components connected. OH! While open all pin connections between mainboards checked to insure fully inserted male pins into female sockets.
Hmmm... I am thinking the same thing as @bob is.... Does ez robot keep track of our ARC and ezb4 usage?
I've seen more than a few posts from DJ solving user issues in the forums by going through their usage logs so for sure EZ-Robot has this information on hand. Alot of software will ask at install if its ok to report anonymous stats and logs but our ARC logs do appear to be linked to our email account or includes our user info. This is the only way he could answer questions in this manner that i can see.
Someone should probably check out the "Terms and Conditions" of the software because it could very well be in there and that kinda makes it our fault for not knowing by not reading first. ... I think I've seen a movie about this..it didn't turn out well lol Merry X-Mas
@Rob_C - did you get your system working?
@DJ, wondering if you saw my question in post #12?
@bhouston Not working, a replacement has been ordered, Thanks for asking (-:
I assume I leave this post open until replacement received?

UPDATE: 12-30-2016

Order for Replacement: 12-28-2016 Order Placed/Confirmed
Order Status: 12-29-2016 Order Being Processed
Shipping Status: 12-30-2016 DHL Shipping Confirmation

Thank You DJ and Ken for your SUPPORT

Closing post :D
Replacement Received 3PM (PST) 01/03/2017

Thanks' Again for Your Support :D
It's in the terms of use - however, you can disable it in preferences. If you disable it, ez-robot support cannot assist your issues.
@DJ... It doesn't really bother me... However it is my problem for not reading the "terms of use" thoroughly... Sorry man...
It's not like i can see any personal information. all i see is the ARC log info. So it's errors, connection status stuff, etc... Helps us understand

1) crashes

2) bugs

3) user behavior

I am also having the same issue. I bought mine a bout a month ago and it was working fine. Then suddenly, nothing. Plugged in the battery, no LED's. It just says Communication error. Opened it up to check on the connections but nothing. All OK. However, I did notice that the bottom board became very hot, so I quickly removed the battery.
I bought my EZB from a reseller in Malaysia and of course I trusted EZB to be more sturdy and reliable so I threw away the receipt. Not sure if I am able to get a replacement now. Just wasted my money.....
The EZ-B has current limiting resistors on all data i/o and a power fuse, making it the most robust of all robot controllers available. Please provide more information, such as what it was connected to. What motors or hbridge or sensors it has been driving, etc.. and someone on here will assist with your circuit.
I connected the Battery to my EZB for power.. 6 x AA battery. 5 x Servos are using external supply.. 4 x AA Battery. Connected wires from the servos are just signal and ground. No other stuff like sensors or camera or anything.

So far, it is just to learn how to use the EZB. Bought this cos I had trouble with MyRobotLab. It shouldn't burn if I connected only the ground and signal, right?