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Common Ground And Pololu H Bridge

Morning All

So I'm using a Pololu H bridge (VNH2Sp30) to control a 12 volt motor and having trouble with my common ground. I ran a connection from the power source to a pin on the left side of the board. My question is should the ground go to a regular port pin on the right like 07 or am I totally off track? Sorry about the image - iPhone


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It's common ground so basically they are all common, or in other words all connected to each other. You should therefore be able to connect to any ground.

Ideally I always like to try and take all grounds back to the battery (i.e. h-bridge grounds, EZ-B ground, regulators grounds etc.) since the vcc usually comes from there anyway, although in theory it's not necessary.

In short, connecting to the ground as pictured should work.
Excellent Rich. Thank you.

@mulberry , any ground on the board like Rich said will trace back to the battery ground eventually. My only concern is that you take in mind the tracings on the board are meant to handle 5 amps. So if the items in total add up to more than that then I recommend not routing it through the EZB and run a dedicated ground wire back to your battery. This keeps the current from running through your board. Anytime you have a higher current item like an h bridge you will want to give it a power and ground direct to you source. This will still satisfy your need for the "common ground"