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Come Join In! - Friday Night Chat - March 30, 2012

Friday Night Chat - Come Join In!

Friday March 30, 2012
9pm EST - Eastern Standard Time
This event repeats every week
whe http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Chat

Greetings everyone;

Come join in the group chat and see what other builders are doing. Ask questions and get info about your build or just say hi!

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I have a short meeting this evening but I should be able to make this chat tonight:D I'll be a few minutes late
Darn I'm still in the meeting. Looks like I won't be joining:( that's too bad!

I for sure will next Friday for the release of the new firmware:)
mm! I am from ecuador... I am in the -5 time zone... can you help me what hour i have to be here?? in the chat??
I believe that would be 8:00 PM your time.