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Color Tracking

how can i delete bad foto's and why doesn move my servo's while tracking. i try photo from learn section and one whit fill in the ports none seems to work.

thanks User-inserted image


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@nomad... DJ hasn't been able to finish object recognition yet, so you can't delete right now.... You have to start a new project or delete the camera control and then add it back to your project...



ah and have you any idea why servo does not track?

User-inserted image


What are you trying to track? Colour, face, motion or object? You need both x and y servos in order to track up and down and side to side... You only have the x servo set in your picture above.. Also try increasing the min and max values... Do not use muti servos here... just x servo and the y servo beside it...



the face tracking works.color not. but it seems that its only for things that move forwart?


Colour has to be red with a lot of light on the object (you can change the colour, but red is the default colour).... The x and y servos are supposed to be the servos in a pan and tilt set up... Like your JD's head... Set the servo for x (the servo that makes JD move his head side to side) then set the y servo (the servo that makes JD nod up and down)...


increasing values ,you mean not 1 degree to 180 but excample 80 to 100 i use red ball


What servo is the 80 to 100 for? That is only 20 degs of travel, that's not very much... Try 30 min and 150 max... Make sure those servos can move from 30 to 150 freely... I mean make sure that those values won't make the servo smoke or bind on anything...


With both Min and Max set at 90, the servo is held at 90 and will not move. As you lower the Min, you will see the servo move to that set position, then the same with max, which will set your range of motion for the servo/camera.


Make sure you set both x and y servos... x is for side to side and y is for up and down movement


Was wondering this the other day, so a good time to ask, where would you use Multi servo with camera, since it would force both to the same axis?


I guess you could have a second head or an arm or something else mimicking the camera tracking movements... ? I am sure there are other uses for it... not sure... maybe a nerf or paintball gun on separate x and y servos tracking with the camera movements for targeting?


Possibly:) I see we can use multiple camera controls so that leaves the tracking camera alone. Maybe one set up with Multi, for 3D? Dual cameras set a distance apart and operated from the same control?, Not sure but sounds cool lol


You can use the multiservo in the camera control for having the robot tilt back and forth to follow the object - such as the Six hexapod. You can have him tilt because his body is held with 6 legs.

Here is an example of multi servo configuration in the WiiMote control in this old video...


@DJ I knew there was a better use for multiservo than what I stated... I was wondering how to get a robot like six's camera tracking... now I know.... awesome :)


@DJ Awesome DJ, Just plain Awesome!