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Colin's R2D2

Hello everyone! Straight from the cave comes the R2D2 build!

I'll be posting video/photos as I can. Being a student they might be few and far between but everything I do will be documented in video and posted eventually!

Thank you Bret for posting the eBay link, I never would have found this guy otherwise!


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You're welcome! And I CAN'T WAIT to see him!!!!
As he was.

User-inserted image

As he is now.

User-inserted image

Christmas break should make for a good time to work on him some!
I got the same R2 unit and im pretty much going to make that my 2nd project, I just want to come up with some ideas to enhance the unt itself by adding the EZ-B Controller. any suggestion?
You could make the arms on the front functional to some degree. I am also adding a temp/humidity probe to mine just to keep my wife happy (lol). You could also make the small wedge on the top of the head actually move up and down and rotate like the real RD and add some sort of sensor there. Just some thoughts.
I got a couple on Ebay and gave them away as gifts. I think getting the wedge to telescope out will be difficult because of the limitation of space under the dome.
The R2 has a problem of running into chair legs because of its view. Maybe add IR sensors on each outside leg for obstacle avoidance?
The two doors can be opened via servos and possibly make a rotating access "plug" like R2 has that hacks into computers.:)
ummm....repaint R2 in a new color scheme....
Check youtube on what people do with full size R2D2 and see if it works in miniture with yours
If you use the radar control, it'll never get stuck:)
Hi DJ and guys;

I just got a shipment of the Sharp GP2D12 IR Sensors and started messing around with them.
How do I know its working? I hooked it up to the EZ-Controller tried out the Sharp IR Collision Detection function and I can see my values change as I wave my hand in front of it, so I guess that works.
As for the Sharp IR Radar control, I think I'm having trouble figuring that out. I see it scanning and a blurred streak appears but it doesnt change distance or size as I wave my hand around it.
Is there a tutorial or video on how to set it up? I really like to use the IR RADAR CONTROL MODE....

Also can you suggest any other compatible substitute IR sensors?, those GP2D12 are hard to come by.....

As far as a ping sensor, for mine I was thinking of putting one on the front leg. You see where there are 2 silver spots just above the foot? I was thinking of putting it there.
Could anybody provide me with a ebay link to a cheap R2D2?
Try a search for "interactive r2d2". Its hard to find one cheap. Watch each one until the last two minutes then bid when in last 30seconds. Be willing to let it go if it gets more expensive than youre willing to spend. Theres always others.
i got one for $30 ,cant wait to hack it