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Cognitive Face Question

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there is a way to delete one's face after it has been learned by the Cognitive Face program. The reason is, I was testing it out, getting the hang of it, but during testing it out, I used a test name for my face, because I was just seeing out it works. I then had it Learn my face again with my name. Now it recognize my face with two different names, which is not good when trying to run a script that I want to only print my name, not the test name. Any help on this would be great, if possible? Thanks.

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Hi, if I am understanding you, just go to ARC - camera then object, click "clear memory"

try that
Hi EZango60,

Unfortunately, that only works for Object Recognition, not for Cognitive Face Recognition.
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You are correct

Did you read this, 


This control will use the camera to detect and learn your facial features.
Once you teach it your name, your face profile is saved in a global world-wide database.
Now every ezrobot on the planet can know who everyone is!
With this control, you can visit a friend and their ezrobot will know who you are. Detected names, age and emotion are stored in variables to be used in EZ-Script or Blockly.
Use ControlCommand() to trigger Detect or Learn. Consult the Cheat Sheet for available ControlCommands.

When your face and name has been taught to the control, the information is saved in a cloud database.
Any ezrobot that detects your face can know your name. This means you can create very simple scripts that greet people, or perform specific actions.
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I guess I did not realize  my face profile is saved in a global world-wide database.  - the information is saved in a cloud database.

I understand all the ez-robots will detect me, great
Yeah, I read that, but it doesn't state a way to delete a saved "Learned Face". That means one face could have a lot of names associated with it, not good. It would be great to have a way to change and/or delete your "Learned Face", especially if you accidentally save to a misspelled name, or just testing it out.
I understand

JD  or Jeremy are the men to get an answer for that, hope they will read these posts